AMD C60 Review

AMD C60 is the newest addition to the AMD Fusion range of processors. This chip packs 2 cores. It will have 1MB L2 cahce and will run at 1GHz clock speed – just like AMD C30 and AMD C50. However, unlike those two processors, it will also feature a Turbo mode which is similar to the Turbo mode present in Core i5 and Core i7 processors.


This will increase the CPU clock speed to 1.33GHz under turbo mode. The GPU will also pack a lot more power as AMD will be debuting the new ATi Radeon HD 6290 which is said to deliver more performance than the GPU in C30 and C50 APUs. You can expect up to 44 percent increase compared to ATi Radeon HD 6250. TDP remains the same though – 9 Watts.

amd c60 benchmark

Compared to the AMD C50 and powerful Atom processors like Atom Z670, the AMD C60 scored pretty well. In fact, it surpassed both in the Cinebench R10 benchmark test.

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