Apple iPad or Macbook Air as second computer, which one should you buy

So which one is better as second computer Apple iPad and Macbook Air? Let us fine out.

Criteria #1: OSX vs iOS – If you are already being in love with OSX and not very fond of iOS, the choice seems simple. The iOS is also a bit too restrictive for productivity and getting things done. I may sound bit harsh but the iPad is only good for doing casual web browsing and Facebook. On the Macbook Air you can do:

– real multitasking
– stereo sound (I know it technically has stereo speakers, but come on…)
– convenient VPN and torrenting
– a proper browser. I don’t understand how Safari on OSX can be so great when Safari on iOS is so terrible
– full keyboard functionality.

Apple iPad or Macbook Air

While some may argue that the keyboard problem can be remedied easily, it shall be noted that their functionality is quite limited as the Apple does not fully support them. For instance you cannot even press ‘Send’ on these things.

On the flipside, the Apple iPad has its own share of advantages:

* Has built in cell radio that is already on my plan for only $10/mo
* Better screen, almost as big
* Some things are better done with touch interface
* Lighter and smaller (marginally).

Apple iPad or Macbook Air as second computer

So it all comes to what you are planning to use your device for. If you would be doing casual stuff, the iPad is a much better choice. Otherwise I would go with the Macbook Air which is just as light but far more capable.