Zaggmate iPad Review

I have the Zaggmate and I’m very happy with it. I can’t speak to the usb thing as I haven’t had to charge the battery. The case is not my primary case. I use the InCase Book Jacket close to 75% of the time and the Zaggmate the rest and which I chose depends entirely on how I anticipate using the iPad at the time I’m packing up. The Zaggmate does not let me use the iPad the way I tend to across the entire day when I am out and about which is why it is no good as a primary case. I do a lot of writing on the iPad, though, and some data entry here and there, and for that it’s fabulous. For life out in the wild, it goes back into the Book Jacket. The Zaggmate offers zero protection when you are using it as a keyboard/stand combination.

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External Hard disk for Macbook Air

There are three options:

1. SD card (assuming you have a new 13″.) They’re available at up to 64 GB, obviously still under your 250 GB requirement. There are USB flash drives at up to 256 GB, but they’re insanely expensive ($700+,) 128 GB is slightly better at ~$300. I lump SD and USB together in the ‘ultra-small, but expensive for the capacity’ grouping. Continue reading “External Hard disk for Macbook Air”

Macbook Air and NetFlix

Netflix works fine on the Macbook Air and battery life is satisfactory as well. Watched a 2h10m movie from start to finish in Safari, HD quality (streaming at 400 KB/s), fullscreen, 3/4 brightness, 1/2 sound through external speakers. No stuttering, had a little charge left when said and done. Only other app running was running except for Adium (IM chat). Continue reading “Macbook Air and NetFlix”