Converting Video from MOV to MP4 the easy way

MOV is a very popular file format on Mactintosh and iOS since that is the default video format in those devices. So if you have a MOV file, it will run without a problem on those devices but let us face it, the MOV file format is not universal. For instance, you cannot play MOV on many android devices as the format is not natively supported. It makes perfect sense to convert the videos to MP4 that is more universal and is playable on almost every single media device without a hiccup.


We tested myriad video converters for converting .mov to .mp4 and the best one is Movavi Video Converter. It supports widest range of formats and second, the conversion process is super fast. The app has support for more than 180 different formats and whopping 200 devices.

To get started, install the application from the official website. If you are a windows user, get hold of the EXE file and in case you are a Macintosh user, you should download the DMG file. Install the app and start it. Click on the Add Video file to start adding video files. You can also add audio or images files but since we are converting MOV to MP4, we will concentrate on video conversion only. So add your MOV files by clicking on the “+ Add Video” button. You can add multiple files since the Movavi video converter supports batch conversion.


Now, select MP4 from the drop down menu located besides “Convert To” field. If you want the video to be reduced to small size, consider choosing MP4 720p video format. Now, select the destination folder that is located beneath it. This is where your outputted files will be saved. If you do not select one, default one will be used which is same as the input folder.


Now that we have specified all the settings, you can start the conversion process by clicking on the Convert button. Conversion should not take much time as the Movavi video converter makes use of super advanced algorithms that make use of hardware encoding that reduce conversion times. It is many times faster times than the rival apps.

After the conversion process, the output folder will open and you can transfer them to your mobile device. The MP4 files are natively supported by android, windows phone as well as iPhone so you can run them without installing any additional app.