Fujitsu F-07C Review

Meet the Fujitsu smartphone that promises to take your productivity to the next level. The F-07 from Fujitsu is the beginning of super phones – phones that will be capable of running full fledge desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS onto a device as little as your smartphone. The Fujitsu F-07c is powered by the Atom Z610, a processor Intel made for tablets.


It runs Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and comes with 32GB SSD. It has 1GB RAM which is enough by smartphone standards but shabby when you think of it as a Windows 7 computer. Everything is slow to operate as the processor is underclocked to 600MHz. It is slow but pretty usable – just make sure to brim yourself with tons of patience. For example, Word 2010 took ~20 seconds to open. There is a launcher on the homescreen to makes launching apps a bit finger friendly but you are always a tap or two from the not-so-finger friendly Windows 7.

Measuring 61 × 125 × 19.8mm, it weighs just 137 grams which is rather astonishing considering the fact that this phone / slate has full fledge x86 components inside.


Screen is absolutely fantastic and packs 1024 x 600 which is the same resolution you find in most of the 10.1 inch netbooks around. However, since the screen size is just 4 inches, everything – from menu to text looks super tiny. It comes with two cameras – 3.2 MP camera at the back and VGA front camera. Only the front camera is available in Windows 7 mode. Keyboard is great but all keys double mapped and in some cases even triple mapped!


Battery life was bound to shabby since Fujitsu managed to fit in mere 1400mAh battery. With this little juice, you will be able to get mere 2 hours of runtime while running Windows 7. Fortunately, in Android mode, you will be easily be able to pass the whole day. It comes with a cradle that adds USB and HDMI port that can be used to output the phone’s display to the bigger screen. Fujitsu ships it Office Personal 2010 edition with 2 year license, a really nice gift for the business users. [via pcwatch (Japanese)]