Fujitsu Th40 D Review

Fujitsu TH40 / D is the company’s first tablet that slides to reveal a hardware keyboard. This hybrid tablet features a 10.1 inch display and packs a 1024 x 600 pixel resolution, just like many other 10.1 inch netbooks out there. The similarity does not ends there as the Fujitsu TH40 D runs on an Atom Z670 processor, 0.3 mega pixel camera and 1GB RAM.

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Display – The 10.1 inch display is good but not awesome. We still love it since it is not resistive like Malata Zpad tablet. The reviewer complained that the screen is not enough bright. Also, since it is glossy in nature, you will have a hard time using it in direct sunlight or brightly lid areas. If you are a business users who does not plans to use this Fujitsu tablet in so brightly lit conditions, you will love it as the display is capacitive and supports multi touch gestures too that surprisingly work very well.

For storage, you get a 1.8 inch hard disk (made by Toshiba). The capacity is 120GB and it spins at 4200rpm.

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There are are two USB 2.0 ports on it along with an SD slot and HDMI output port.

Fujitsu tablet review

Keyboard – The keys are pretty small and have 16.2mm pitch. And it is certainly not possible to touch type on it unless you have kid-like fingers. There is no touchpad on it. Instead, you get a pointing device called ‘pointing finger’ with it that is placed on the right of the spacebar. Tapping on it does the left click. To do the right click, simply press the key on the right of it.

Th40 d review

Performance is pretty good. As mentioned earlier, it comes with an Atom Z670 processor. This processor incorporates the new Intel GMA 600 which offers small improvements over its predessor, Intel GMA 500 that was used on the Sony Vaio P entry level model. You can read more about Atom Z670 here (notebook news). So, we will only compare the GPU here, i.e, Intel GMA 600 vs GMA 3150 that is being used in most of the netbooks.

Gma 600 vs 3150

Battery is 23Wh and Fujitsu claims that you will be able to around 6 hours with it. However, in real world use, you will be able to get no more than 4.5 hours when surfing the web via Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that the battery is not user replaceable so you cannot carry an extra battery pack too. The original Japanese review link.