Heiner HaiPad M7s

HaiPad M7s is a slate tablet from Heiner which is just 10 mm thick and weighs in at mere 360 grams. The whole chassis is made from stainless steel frame. Inside, you will find a Samsung PV210 processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB flash storage which is expandable through micro SD card slot.


The M7s is outfitted with a 7 inch WVGA capacitive display that can mirrored to an external screen by its HDMI port. Other notable specs include built in Bluetooth, 2x USB ports and Flash plugin that plays flash content just fine inside the web browser.


There is a camera in the front as well for video calling. The overall design is very compact and of course, much smaller than iPad. The USB ports on it can do hosting as well. [via shanzhaiben] (Chinese)