HP Mini 210 2011 review

HP Mini 210 is not a new netbook. It has been around for quite sometime and few days back, it got a refresh where HP further refined its design. The Mini 210 has been the company’s most popular mini laptop so far and now we are expecting even more success with it as it looks even better than before. Now, the curvy edge of the display lands absolutely perfect with the laptop’s base. The lines on the sides flow very nicely.


The keyboard is very roomy and has chiclet style layout. HP maintains its reputing by equipping the 2011 210 with full size keyboard, including a full size right shift key, something that I found missing in Asus 1215B. The one that I received for review came with a 6 cell battery (55Whr) – which is same as what you get in most of the mini laptops so far.

The display measures 10.1 inch in size and packs the usual WSVGA resolution. It is glossy and you will have a nice time looking at the people behind you. So, hardware wise, it is all fancy but how is it performance wise? Well, it comes with typical under powered netbook innards. You get the typical Atom N455 processor (single core, but very power frugal), 1GB DDR3 RAM and 3x USB 2.0 ports. Here is how it compares with other processors.

new hp mini 2011 review

Graphic needs are handled by the Intel GMA 3150 which is good only for handling up to 480p videos. Anything more than that and the everything becomes a slideshow. This is somewhere the Acer 722 netbook with C50 and ATi 6250 GPU.



(+) Beautiful design
(+) Excellent keyboard and mouse
(+) Excellent battery life
(+) Massive 6 cell battery
(+) SD card reader


(-) Single core processor
(-) Poor display resolution
(-) No matte screen option
(-) Comes with only 1GB RAM
(-) Maximum of 2GB RAM supported
(-) No USB 3.0 port
(-) Slow