Intel Pentium 987 Review

The Intel Pentium 987 is a dual core processor for ultra cheap ultrabook laptops. Based on Sandy Bridge platform, the Pentium 987 runs at 1.5GHz clock speed and is simultaneously capable of handling 2 threads with its 2 cores. Pentium 987 specs include 128KB L1, 512KB L2, 2MB L3 cache and HD Graphics 2000. TDP of this CPU is 17 watts, which means it generates little heat, making it suitable for slim laptops.

Intel Pentium 987 Review

Pentium 987 benchmark results: (thanks to this CPU benchmark site)
1) PCMark Vantage – 3547
2) Cinebench R10: Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit – 4467
3) Cinebench R11.5: CPU Multi 64Bit – 1.13
4) 3DMark Vantage – 3553
5) 3DMark 06 – 1487
6) Passmark – 1199

Here is how it compares with Core i3 3217u ultrabook CPU. The following chart shows that the Core i3 3217u scored 3628.

Intel Pentium 987 benchmark

The processor is being used in MSI S30 ultrabook and is good enough for daily computing. Check out Xubuntu review.