Lenovo Ideapad U310 Ultrabook Review, Specs

Back in April 2013, Lenovo announced the availability of its Ideapad U310 Ultrabook, which is the successor to the widely popular Lenovo U300s notebook. The new u310 comes equipped with a touchscreen display, making the overall windows 8 experience better than ever.

lenovo u310 ultrabook review

The Ideapad U310 touch is powered by Intel Core i7 3337U processor that runs at 1.8GHz clock speed or 2.6GHz under turbo boost mode. It has 3MB cache and 17W TDP. The battery life is around 5.3 hours or at 6.2 hours under power saving mode.

Lenovo U310 Specs

Specifications of Lenovo “IdeaPad U310 Touch”
Processor    Core i5-3337U (2 cores / 4 threads, 1.8GHz /
Turbo Boost: 2.7GHz, cache 3MB, TDP 17W)
Memory    4GB
Chipset    Intel HM77 Express
Storage    HDD 500GB (5,400 rpm) + SSD 32GB (Rapid Drive)
OS    Windows 8 (64bit)
Display    13.3-inch liquid crystal display (glossy),
1,366 × 768 dots,
10-point touch support, HDMI output
Graphics    Processor built-in HD Graphics 4000
Network    Ethernet, IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0
Other    USB 3.0 × 2, USB 2.0 × 1,720 p Web camera, SD card slot, audio input and output
Size / weight    333 × 225 × 18mm 1.75kg about / (W × depth ×)
Battery life    About 5.3 hours maximum (3-cell)

There is battery status LED in the front and SD card slot to check out your favorite pictures from the camera. The bottom is covered with a single panel. There are no other panels on it.

lenovo u310 touch test

The laptop is equipped with one key recovery button that brings the unit to factory settings in case anything goes out of hand. The keyboard is isolated type, similar to the one found on Lenovo S10-3 laptop, only bigger. The key pitch is similar to S10-3, approximately 19mm.

On the ride side of U310 Touch, you will find power input, USB 2.0, audio input and output.


Windows Experience Index goes like this –  4.4 overall. Processor 6.9, memory 5.9, graphics 4.4, Gaming graphics 6.1 Primary hard disk 5.9. PCMark 7 is 2759 PCMarks. CrystalMark is, ALU 38069, FPU 36242, MEM 24877, HDD 10659, GDI 12890, D2D 1781, OGL 5423.

lenovo u310 touch review

In real life, it feels a little slow compared to the other ultrabooks out there. This is, chiefly due to the fact that it has slow memory and because it has single channel operation.

The small SSD inside the chassis acts as cache and does improves the overall performance a little along with Core i7 3337U processor. Wired LAN is not Gigabit type, which is a pity.