Macbook Air 13 2010 Review


I have now had the MBA ultimate for 3 months now. I have travelled abroad with it several times over the past few weeks. Here is my experience:

Before I start, I switched in September last year to 27-inch iMac from windows, and I use to travel with a 17-inch windows laptop or Linux laptop running VMware, if i needed to switch.

What an amazing machine, what ever I’ve thrown at it it’s worked like a dream. I have programs that only run in Linux and Windows XP, Parallels has worked great. I have had both machines XP and Linux on at the same time and switching between native programs, XP and Linux. fantastic. Although I could do with a little more ram sometimes.

Even running three OS’s at the same time, running some heavy CPU intensive programs, no noise or heat problems. I don’t think I have heard the fan!

The only struggle at the moment has been installing Oracle natively. I get it installed and working for the first time. But trying to connect Linux to Oracle doesn’t always work 100% of the in progress

I use office for Mac 2011, so far not one single problem.

Connecting to a projector through the VGA adaptor and giving presentations, was simple, plus the Mac is a great talking point.I have had many envious looks.

Working on a plane was a breeze, even when the guy in front dropped his seat back I worked between all three OS’s for 3 hours no problem, with still 2+ hours to spare.

So far 10 battery cycles in 3 months..

The wireless has worked great picking up some week signals in hotels.

I installed the free Sophos, as I have been swapping files with other OS users. I have two instances when people have brought a memory stick infected with stuff, Sophos has been great. It’s amazing how surprised they were, it should be clean they claim! I transfer files back to my windows machine back at work, so I have to be careful.

I am really glad I chose the 13-inch option, I did spend a long time in the apple store looking at both. But the larger HD and the bigger screen was the biggest factor for me. I bought a great travel bag from THECUS (online apple store) which opens up for security checks at airports, this has been very useful. I have bought a Be.eZ cover from Amazon, which does a great job and I have added a palm protector from Moshi, I was concerned about my watch scratching the surface.

That’s about it, I am very impressed, it’s made working on the road easy and painless, although I have no excuses for not working on the plane journey. It’s a shame that my work don’t offer an MBA as an option, can’t have everything.