Macbook Pro Wrapsol review

Today, I received Wrapsol for my Macbook Pro. It came in a very nice package. The package includes a skin, soap solution atomizer (contained in glass bottles), and a microfiber cloth. Applying it took quite a time – around an hour. First, I installed the top part. Then, you need to take off the aluminum bottom panel to install the second sheet.


This was the most time consuming part as you unscrewing and screwing the holes back took quite a lot of time. Also, you need to make the foot things to align properly after applying the case. Then, I installed the parts for the touchpad and palmrest. In the package, you will also find 2 rear corner strips which I did not apply.

I love its texture and the fact that everything aligned perfectly. So, Zagg or this? Definitely, Wrapsol due to two reason – Zagg is more expensive and texture is not of my taste. Costs 50 dollars. [product page]

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