MagicTab M3 Review

MagicTab is a 7 inch slate tablet with LED backlit display. Unlike most Chinese tablets (like Miu Miu W5), it has a capacitive style display. It packs WSVGA 1024 x 600 pixel resolution and has two cameras – one in the front and another one at the back.

The body of the Magic Tab is very much like the Nook tablet, thanks to its boundless screen design. On the left you will find a mini USD port, HDMI, headset jack and micro SD card reader. There is a SIM card slot too so that you are able to make calls even you are on the road. In fact, the company has included an app to let you make phone calls.


The call experience is good, but you would look like an idiot such a huge slate against your head to make phone calls. Now, let us talk about performance. The M3 is powered a Renesas A9 dual core processor which when paired with 512MB RAM gives pleasant Android experience. The processor runs at 1GHz clock speed and can do 1080p video.

For storage, you get 4GB flash storage that can be expanded via micro SD card slot. Its 4000mAh li-poly battery is good enough for 6-7 hours of web browsing via Wi-Fi. Talking about web browsing, it supports flash out of the box. The MagicTab M3 weighs 390 grams and is even lighter than the Samsung galaxy tab 7 inch. [via midbbs] (Chinese)