Malata ZPad T9 Review

Malata makes great slates and is now offering T9 tablet that can easily give Android tablets a run for their money if it makes it to US. It runs Android 3.2 honeycomb operating system which is fully optimized to provide amazing tablet experience to the end user. Powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor, it comes with 1GB RAM and two cameras (2 / 5 mega pixel). Read this review to know more about ZPad T9.


Malata is selling Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G model. The 3G model will allow you to be connected even when you are on the move. The T9 has a 10.1 capacitive touchscreen (unlike Packard bell G100) packing 1280 x 800 pixel resolution. The screen supports multi touch gestures as well. The chassis is made from plastic and it does not feels cheap in hand.


As mentioned earlier, front camera is 2 mega pixels and rear one is 5 mega pixels. The camera at the back is accompanied by LED flash to let you take pictures in the dark.

Weighing in at 811 grams, it has thickness of about 13.5 mm, which means it is as thick Galaxy Tab P7500. You will find a wide array of ports on the Zpad. You will find Mini USB interface, Micro SD card reader, standard USB 2.0 port (RIM Slate 100 also has standard USB), SIM card slot, and headphone jack. It also has a HDMI port for outputting the display to an external display or HDTV.


Having a standard size USB port is a huge plus as it allows you to attach external mouse and keyboard. For storage, you get either 16GB or 32GB flash storage which can be easily expanded via micro SD card slot.


Tegra 2 is a performance powerhouse. It handles flash and 3D games with ease. The chip offers hardware video acceleration and you will have no problem in outputting full HD (1080p) video via HDMI. Battery is 3650mAh in terms of capacity and is lithium polymer in nature. Battery life is around 6-7 hours while doing web browsing via Wi-Fi. [via 163] (Chinese)

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