Miu Miu W5

Miu Miu is now offering a new slate that is powered by ARM Cortex A9 processor. Equipped with a 5 inch display, it features stylish white exterior and a compact design that allows you to easily fit in your pocket. While the processor is capable of running at 800MHz, it has been underclocked to run at 600MHz to make sure that the user gets excellent battery life.

miu miu w5 review

The body is pure white and it looks impressive. As expected, it runs Android operating system on a resistive type screen to keep the prices as low as possible. The screen packs 800 x 480 pixel resolution which is common for cheap Chinese tablets. Back of the this slate has a grid of holes for the speaker grill.


On the left side, you will find a headphone jack, HDMI and USB port – all of which are hidden behind a dust cover. The USB is v2.0 and supports hosting. This means you will be able to connect your regular USB keyboard / mouse.


It runs Android v2.2.1 (Froyo) and yes, it does comes with Flash plugin. The processor is powerful enough to handle full 1080p videos. When you connect an HDMI cable, the slate tablet asks you the output resolution.


Web browsing experience is excellent and yes, we do prefer it over something like Cube U3 slate that has mere 480 x 272 pixel display. The only thing missing from it is Google Marketplace, which is present in the affordable Identity Tab tablet.  [via pconline] (Chinese)