iPad SlingPlayer Review

For the past few months, I’ve had the SlingPlayer Mobile iPhone app installed on my iPad. With the exception of “emergencies” (needing to record a show when I’m on the go, etc.), I never use the app. For me, the 15 frames per second and pixel-doubled image were unwatchable. By nature, I’m a videophile and demand only the best picture possible. Though it’s taken much longer than initially believed, Sling has delivered a native iPad app which works with the two newest Slingbox models; the Solo and Pro-HD.

For all intents and purposes, the app works as advertised. Regardless of Slingbox model, the new app streams video in 640×480, which is standard definition (VGA). A number of other hands-on articles and reviews claim the app streams in HD– this is not the case. If you’ve been using the standalone application on a Mac (a program which is no longer actively supported), you’ll be familiar with the resolution, as 640×480 is highest the application can stream.
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Magic TrackPad or Magic Mouse

Using the mouse is always better for games because it is more accurate, and when playing WoW you definitely need the mouse for camera movement and stuff, using a trackpad for that is too jumpy and not fun. There are very few games that a trackpad works well with. Also the magic mouse is not very good for gaming either in my opinion because it’s not as fast in terms of buttons. What happens when you want to press both left and right buttons at the same time? Or middle click? Again, it only works well for specific types of gaming.

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Galaxy Tab HDMI Dock Review

I have had the HDMI dock for a few weeks now (as well as the black leather sleeve, which is nice) but hadn’t really gotten around to testing it. Primarily because I hadn’t gotten around getting a mini-to-normal HDMI cable – yes the dock has a mini-HDMI output. The cable in question is commonly known as an HDMI “A<->C” cable with male ends on both sides.
Let’s get the details you all know already out of the way.

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Macbook Air 13 vs Macbook vs Macbook Pro

* Weight: First things first. I’m going from 2.03 Kg (4.5 pounds) to 2.9 pounds (1.32 kg). My main motivation for the change was to reduce the total weight and 680 grams is really a lot lighter, in fact a 35% lighter.

* Temperature: Using it in the sofa is not only the weight, but also how warm it gets the Pro over my lap. It’s not only warm… it gets really hot even if you’re just browsing the web. I expect the Air to be much cooler.

* Processor: I’m loosing some raw power the Air clock speed of the Air is 1,86 GHz and 2,26 GHz in the MacBook Pro. Both are Intel Core 2 Duo manufactured with similar 45nm technology, both have 2 cores and 2 threads by core. The one in the Air is a SL9400 with 6 MB cache and the one in the Pro is a P7550 with 3 MB cache. Air’s processor is cooler with a maximum TDP of 17W vs 25W in the Pro and both admit Intel VT-x virtualization technology and 64 bits instruction sets. Who will win?

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