Dell 2120 Review

Normally, netbooks are very consumer-centric as they feature low power processor and almost no feature a business house might need. Dell Latitude 2120 is an exception though. Despite the huge price tag, Dell 2120 comes with the standard dual-core Intel Atom N550 processor, 320GB hard disk (7200rpm) and 2GB RAM. Graphics are handled by GMA 3150 graphics. While AMD APUs areĀ  getting popular with Acer and Asus, I am yet to see them being implemented in the Dell mini laptops. That said, the performance should be good enough for web browsing and office apps. Also, the apps load just a hair faster thank to the 7200 rpm hard disk drive. It can also play 720p videos just fine, thanks to the dual core processor. However, 1080p video playback was choppy.


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