Lenovo S430 review

We were able to spend some time with the Thinkpad S430 from Lenovo at the CES 2012 held earlier this year. The highlight of the notebook was the inclusion of Thunderbolt port, which is being said as the successor of USB and HDMi ports. Lenovo says that you will be able to transfer a full length movie in less than 30 seconds and an year of MP3 playback in just 10 minutes. Nice.

lenovo s430 review

The S430 comes with Intel Ivy Bridge processor and the company made it clear at that time that S430 will be company’s flagship model. The Thinkpad S430 replaces the S420 and it does it by making quite a statement. It weighs under 4 lb and has thickness of less than 20mm. This is amazing for a notebook that also includes a DVD writer and 2 hard disk drives.

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Lenovo U300s Review

Lenovo U300S is mere 14.9 mm thick and weighs just 1.3 kilo grams which has been made possible by its full aluminum chassis. So, we now have a notebook that is just 0.6 inches thick. Lenovo has given U300s scratch resistant coating which has been applied via electrolytic process. The notebook comes with RapidCharge technology which allows you to charge it to 50 percent in less than thirty minutes.


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Fujitsu T901

Fujitsu has launched successor of T900 tablet, the Lifebook T901. The T901, just like its predecessor comes with 13.3 inch screen packing 1280 x 768 pixel resolution and the second generation Intel Core i series processor – the i7 2620M that runs at 2.7 GHz clock speed and comes with 4MB L3 cache. Just like other Core i7 series processors, it supports Turbo boost technology that increases the clock speed to up to 3.4 GHz.

fujitsu t901 review

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