RM Slate 100 Review

Apple iPad slate was launched last year in January 2010 and here is another Slate, but not from Apple. Since the launch of the original iPad, other slate manufactures have been trying hard to fight back. Most of the tablets that were able to hit production last year ran on the Google Android operating system. RIM will be launching its own slate later this year and HP is also ready to introduce its TouchPad slate. RM Slate 100 is a different from all of them since it runs desktop version of Windows – Windows 7. Let us learn more about it!

It has really taken quite a while for these Windows 7 OS slates to appear in volume, but finally they are here and one of the first ones to hit the market is the RM Slate 100 which is a pretty high quality device. Immediately, when you touch it, you will be able to feel its quality. It has rubberized finish which gives it a very rugged feel. The company told us that it can pass the drop test with ease when dropped from up to 30cm above the ground / surface. Also, it has been pressure tested and easy withstand 25kg on the bottom and 15kg when switched on. The software that comes bundled with it has a little glitch which has auto brightness feature enabled that changes the brightness so quickly that we were forced to turn it off. You can choose if you want the Slate’s screen to rotate automatically or not.

Slate 100 review

Fortunately, the viewing angles are great but not as good as the iPad. Microsoft has bundled tons of nifty utilities and tweaks into the Windows 7 but they are not enough to make the touch experience enjoyable for the casual end user. We do recommend changing the DPI to 125 percent which will make everything a bit more finger friendly. The company has promised that it will soon be providing pile of education software optimized for the Slate 100. Until then, we will recommend downloading MS’s touch pack that adds some useful apps such as Blackboard app that┬ásets children physics-based challenges. Since it is a Windows slate, all of your favorite apps will run just fine on it.

There are 2x USB 2.0 ports on the left side of the slate via which you can easily connect mouse and keyboard. There is also a mini HDMI port for outputting to a bigger display / HDTV. Performance-wise, it delivers decent performance, thanks to the 2GB RAM and 32GB solid state drive that speeds up application load times a lot. Battery life is around 3 hours while browsing the web via Wi-Fi. Clearly, the company needs to bundle better batteries.

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