Sony Vaio Duo 13 Review, Specs, Price

Last year, Sony released Vaio Duo 11 and we were impressed with its amazing performance and full HD display. However, we found its design to be a bit unpractical for daily use. Battery life was not great either. Now, meet the Sony vaio Duo 13, which promises to correct every single mistake of its predecessor. Read this review to find out more about it.

Sony vaio duo 13 review

The new slider laptop from Sony looks much more sleeker and despite packing a bigger 13.3 inch display, its weight has not increased much. This is chiefly due to the carbon fiber shell. It weighs just 2.93 pounds.

The new hinge is also much easier to activate now. The new slider is called Surf Slider mechanism and all you have to do is pull the screen up. You can do that with just one hand too. Slick.

Slider laptops have limited keyboard space. Sony found a way to equip the Vaio Duo 13 with a bigger keyboard by moving the screen a bit back, thus giving you a roomier keyboard to work with.

Like Duo 11, the screen packs full HD 1080p resolution. It is IPS type so the colors really pop. It is very bright and viewing angles are generous. It is perfect. Period.


Performance is top notch. It is powered by the new Haswell range of processors. You get the Core i5 4200U processor that is backed by Intel HD 4400 GPU. Here are the benchmark results, taken from Mytechpartner.

PCmark 7 – 4440
3Dmark06 – 6047
3Dmark11 – 1853
ATTO – 546 MB/s

The Core i7 3317U scored better in the PCmark 7 benchmark test scoring 4545. That said, that is not at all noticeable in real world usage.

Battery life
This is the area where the Haswell processors really shine. The Core i5 4200U gave us 10 hours of continuous runtime in our battery life test. This is double than what we got from the Duo 11 – 4.5 hours.

Sony Vaio Duo 13 Specs

Intel Core i5 4200U Haswell processor
Intel HD 4400 GPU
13.3 inch display
1920 x 1080 pixel resolution
128 GB SSD (solid state drive)

Sony vaio duo 13 specs

Configurable options
Intel Core i7 4650U processor
Intel HD 5000 graphics

Sony Vaio Duo 13 Price

Sony will start selling this laptop for 1400 dollars which is rather pricey, but you get functionality of tablet and laptop in a single device which makes the price justifiable. For example: You will have to spend $1000 on a laptop of this config + $500 for a tablet like iPad.

Sony vaio duo 13 price

Sony Vaio Duo 13 Review Summary

Sony has completely revamped its slider format for the Vaio Duo 13. The final product is a really great machine with amazing battery life and a fantastic keyboard.