Sony Vaio Z 2015 Review, best hybrid laptop in world

Sony Vaio Z 2015 is the latest offering from the Japanese giant and the company is taking orders on Sony Store for around $ 1600 (190,000 Japanese Yen). Since we could not wait for Sony to launch it in US, we have reviewed the Japanese model here.

Sony Vaio Z 2015 Review

Sony Vaio Z, reviewed here was discontinued in October 2012 but today the company has re launched it as a very, very powerful hybrid laptop. Since then Sony has experimented with Duo 11 and Duo 13 but the company did not sell a lot of them.

The Sony Vaio Z 2015 model measures 324.2 × 215.3 × 15.0 ~ 16.8mm and (width × depth × height) and has smaller footprint compared to Vaio Fit 13A. The chassis, lid and keyboard is made of aluminum and while the bottom is made of carbon fiber. This makes the laptop very light and thin. It weighs just 1.34 kilograms which is a bit heavier than its predecessor that weighed 1.17 kilos.

Vaio Z 2015 review

As you can see above, the display of the Vaio Z 2015 model can be rotated 180 degrees. There is a rotating hinge on the top of the lid that can be folded back allowing you to use it in slate mode. The keyboard is completely hidden in tablet mode. Here is how the back of this computer looks like. It is completely made of aluminum.

Sony vaio z 2015 laptop review

While the Vaio Z has always been a head turning laptop, its biggest feature is its amazing performance. It features the latest has well based Intel Core i5 5257U or Core i7 5557U processor. The TDP varies based on the mode you are using it in.

* Performance priority:  35 watt TDP
* Quite priority (suitable for tablet usage): 10-15 watt TDP

The powerful CPU is backed by Intel Iris Graphics 6100 which delivers excellent graphics performance. There are two cooling fans in it to cool down the CPU + GPU. Here is how they look like:

Sony vaio z 2015 review

The SSD used in Vaio Z is faster than the one used in 2011 model. Here are Crystal mark benchmark results of both.

vaio z 2015 ssd

Screen – You get a very high quality 13.3 inch LCD display packing 2560 x 1440 WQHD pixel resolution. It boasts 100 percent sRGB coverage too. Like the Vaio Duo series, you get 256 levels of pen pressure detection. This implies that you can write on the screen like you write on the paper. If you like using it in tablet mode, you will love the fact that it supports 10 points simultaneous input.

vaio z 2015 display

sony vaio z 2015 digitizer

Keyboard and Touchpad – The Vaio Z 2015 has excellent keyboard. Key strokes are about 1.2 mm (2011 Z had 1mm key stroke) and you can type on it for long durations without any problem. It does not make a lot of noise while typing. The backlit keyboard allows you to do comfortably type in dark.

Sony vaio backlit keyboard

The touchpad area is very large while like most windows laptops, the gestures do not work very well. We also miss the dedicated left and right mouse buttons.

viao z 2015 keyboard

Performance: The Intel Core i7 5557U performs like a charm.
PCMark 8 v2.0.282 results: Home Accelerated 3.0 – 3442; Creative accelerated 3.0 – 4456; Work accelerated 2.0 – 4139; Storage – 5065

PCMark 7 v1.4.0: PCMark score – 5913; Lightweight score – 3855; Productivity score – 2902; Entertainment score – 4241; Creativity score – 11447; Computation score – 20661; System storage score – 5974; Raw system storage score – 11398

CINEBENCH R15.0: OpenGL (fps) – 31.84; CPU – 322; CPU (Single Core) – 136

3DMark06 Build 1.2.0 1901: 3DMark Score    9228; SM2.0 Score    3210; HDR / SM3.0 Score    3999; CPU Score    4275

3DMark Professional Edition v1.4.828: Combined score    374

sony vaio z 2015 charger

Battery life – The Vaio Z 2015 comes with a 58 Wh built in non-removable battery which is larger than what you get in Vaio Duo 13. With balanced mode on and backlit brightness set to 40 percent and Wireless LAN on, we were able to get 12 hours and 9 minutes in the BBench test. Sony claims that you will get 15.2 hours from it and you can get somewhat closer to that by using it in power saving mode.

Other perks:
* you get a nice 8 megapixel camera on the back.
* On the front, you get 9MP Exmor R camera.
* the included AC adapter is very compact