White iPad 2 Review

– Front looks like cheap LCD picture frame. You know, that $20-50 variety. Glass has a bezel on edges which refracts the light and makes it look like a picture frame even more.

– It’s still heavy (I have Classic iPad). A bit more comfortable to hold, but still tiring.
– Back design looks cheap. Very simplistic shape. If you asked a beginner designer to design something flat with non-square edges, that’s what he’ll come up with. Meh.
– Just a bit faster, but the speed doesn’t “jump” at you, because the typical tasks – switching to Home screen or between apps – takes the same time. Not worth it for users who just casually browse the web, check email, weather, etc.
– Dock connector, when plugged in, looks very ugly, very un-Apple, from the back – you can see piece of metal plug. Yikes! Ugly ugly ugly.
– Cameras suck. Photo Booth? You gotta be kidding to tout it as a great feature. Took 10s of interest, next! Meh.
– Smart Cover (was not available for hands-on, but handled it in its carton case) seems to be heavy.
– Screen looks less sharp compared to Classic iPad.